Kitchen Fitting

We come across some real horror stories when discussing customer’s requirements for a new kitchen.

Number one on the list is salesmen, though they are usually called ”design consultants”, ”planners” or something along that line.  The ones that won’t leave your house until you have signed on the dotted line, so that they can run off with up to a few thousand pounds in commission.  Even with the massive discounts that they convince you that you are lucky to be getting, you will probably still pay through the nose for poor or average quality goods and end up with the cheapest fitters that they can find.

At The Door Hanger Ltd we understand that your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house, we listen to what you want when planning your kitchen so that we can give you a kitchen to reflect your needs and requirements.

With our team of qualified and experienced professionals, we can supply and install your new kitchen and take care of all the electrical, plumbing, tiling and finishing touches for you.

Kitchen Drawer, The Door Hanger

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